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The True Evil

How many witches died during the crusades?

Most historic references (that can be trusted) put the number at around 150,000, but some sources put the number at half a million or greater.  Should Catholicism be blamed since this particular denomination sounded the trumpets that began this heinous trek across this planet?  The answer is no.  Catholics may have started that slaughter but they were only acting in accordance to their religion.  The religion of Christianity is to blame.  Their holy bible states the following:  "thou shall not suffer a witch to live".  Now while more intelligent beings can understand and comprehend the use of words and their meanings as they evolve over time, Christians have proven themselves to be close minded zealot hate mongers who have concealed their hatred and anger for those that do not believe as they do in good deeds that they now do through legally established non profit organizations.  They continue to practice their hate in open as well as in secret.


When is the last time your were denied a job and someone who was connected to a church, usually a Catholic church, was selected for the job?  What about that apartment you applied for?  How many times have you reached out to connect with another human being in your community only to be treated as vermin because you did not beilieve in the god of Christianity?  The United States Congress opens in prayer to the god of Christanity.  The plege of alligence is made under that same god.  Can we really expect our leaders, our police, our neighbors to allow us to progress as the rest of them have been allowed to do?


We may now enjoy a cease fire between us and Christians but consider this; Christians can not be tolorate and accept people that do not believe as they do.  They believe that anyone who does not believe in their god is evil and serves the enemy (satan) and must therefor be a threat and be eliminated.  They beat on our doors to "win souls" they force their propaganda on us through bill boards, phamplets and street preaching.  They will never accept us living in their society coexisting in peice, even if that is the only thing we desire.


The Watchers Citadel is not meant to be a fighting force.  We believe that the lose of any life is a great tradegy to the human race.  However we also know the true nature of Christiantiy and we know that one day, sooner or later, the Christians will have no other enemy than us again. 

Our mission is to establish a sancturary for all practicioners of the craft.  A place where all Witches can come that is completey inpetatrable from outside forces.  Where they can come and communie with other Witches and practice their magick without fear from their enemies.  Modern technology now provides us with this advantage and security. 

The Watchers Citadel is young.  We have much to learn and much to achieve in order to protect our kind.  However we will not cease in our duty to the Goddess.  We will work to build that sancturary.  We will work to bring those that are oppressed to safety and we will ensure that we survive.


The Watchers Citadel can only be what is acceptable.  Please, we ask of you, visit our LLL page and view our directives before you judge us.